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NEWS Hiking into the Big Blue…
Hiking into the Big Blue…

Hiking in Amorgos equals fresh air, sunshine, the aroma of herbs and wildflowers and an endless view of the big Aegean blue practically everywhere you go. The majority of the road network of Amorgos was built in the mid-1990s. Before that, having a car was both a luxury and a source of much hardship on the rough, rock-encrusted dirt roads. Donkeys were the predominant means of transport, and an organized 'system' of paved footpaths crisscrossed the island and ensured that the settlements were able to receive provisions.
Although cars have now invaded the island, the villages remain peaceful, thanks to the fact that the roads end where the houses begin.  The probably ancient footpaths have been preserved, providing amazing potential for exploration and alfresco hiking - or strolling. Even today, visitors will see donkeys transporting local produce in the villages. With a maximum altitude of 850 metres, Amorgos offers a plethora of different exploration options.  Six marked and preserved footpaths, most of which are in excellent condition for even the most "amateur" style of hiking, promise an unforgettable experience for every visitor.