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NEWS with accommodation from 15 euros per person...
with accommodation from 15 euros per person...

Most of the accommodation on offer in Amorgos consists of rooms to let and mid-range hotels (2 stars for hotels or the equivalent of 2-3 keys for rooms to let). However, there are also some 3-star hotels that offer luxurious options with excellent value for money.  Due to the high temperatures of summer, air conditioning and in-room refrigerators are considered standard equipment in all accommodation, regardless of category.  In low season, from April until June 20th, and from September 10th to the end of October, prices for a good, mid-range double room range from 30 to 35 euros, not including breakfast.  This price can be slightly higher or even lower, depending on the amenities and the location of each type of accommodation.  An updated guide for accommodation throughout Amorgos is available on this site.